Fossil Marble Vanity Top Sinks

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All marble vanity top sinks come with a 1 year warranty against material defects!

All marble vanity top sinks are in stock in our New Jersey warehouse. Please, Contact Us to make an appointment!

*Note: All marble vanity top sinks have a 1 1/2" drain hole and REQUIRE the use of a Pop-Up style drain W/O overflow. The drains at the end of the page are specially selected for our sinks! See our drains on the last product page below - they are specially picked to fit our sinks. 

Marble vanity top sinks are easy to clean and maintain. You can prevent hard water deposits and stains from developing by waxing them regularly with a Stone and marble wax, such as StoneTech Revitalizer Cleaner & Protector. Do not use acidic household cleaners or cleaning wipes with harsh or abrasive chemicals, or any cleaners with abrasive material added, as these will damage and scratch the petrified wood. To keep your sink's natural shine you should reseal your sink once or twice a year with a product such as StoneTech Heavy Duty Sealer by Dupont. Here are some more useful links:

Stone Sealer, Stone Cleaner, Stone Care Guide, The StoneTech Professional Product Line

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