Sodalite Blue Granite Sinks

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SODALITE  PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Sodalite is usually blue to blue-violet in color and found with nepheline and other feldspathoid minerals. It is usually translucent, with a vitreous luster, and has a Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 6. Sodalite often has white veining, and it can be confused with lapis lazuli. The chemical composition of sodalite is 6(NaAlSiO4) · 2NaCl.
SODALITE HEALING PROPERTIES: PHYSICAL As introduced above, this helps you enjoy an energy boost.  As far as how you’ll feel that physically, there are a few ways.  Some find that they are more energetic in the mornings and can get out of bed much faster.  Others enjoy it in metabolism that is fast and steady, helping them reach their goals.  This also can help strengthen your cardiovascular system through the thickening of the walls in your arteries for better blood flow.  Lastly, it can strengthen your sleep cycle so that you’ll enjoy more sleep and better quality sleep to help you out with even more energy later on!
SODALITE HEALING PROPERTIES: MENTAL One of the coolest sodalite properties for mental health is that it will really boost that self-confidence so that you can enjoy the potential to do more with your energy.  It is known for helping you tap into that gut instinct and intuition that will help you reach ad decision and take on those challenging things that suddenly aren’t going to be so challenging anymore.  This also gives you strength in your clarity, too.  You’ll make decisions easier and you’ll find that the pathway from problem to solution is easier to navigate, too.  Many find that it is a great starting point for more bravery, too! 
SODALITE HEALING PROPERTIES: SPIRITUAL Sodalite opens the mind to logic and rationality, inducing clarity and comprehension. Its grounding action stabilizes mood swings. Similarly, sodalite has soothing, calming vibrations to help you reach a deep meditative state for clear divination and empathic readings. Blue crystals bring trust, truth, patience, and respect. It helps develop discipline and balance. Other colors of sodalite like indigo bring wisdom, dignity, and spiritual mastery. This kind of sodalite is good for spiritual journeys and psychic abilities.