Siberian Amethyst Crystal Sinks

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What is Siberian amethyst? 
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Siberian amethyst, regardless of its origin, has a very deep purple color, which can range from a reddish purple to a dark purple. Because Siberian amethysts are the highest grade available and are exceedingly rare, they command the highest prices. Siberian amethyst: dark purple color with flashes of red and/or blue. Golden amethyst: ametrine.
How do I know if my amethyst is a Siberian?
Arizona amethysts tend to look very similar to those found in Uruguay. However, amethysts found in Russia, which are also called Siberian amethysts, are deeply colored with red and blue tints. Siberian amethysts are rare, so they tend to be very expensive. African amethysts are known for their dark purple appearance.