Siberian Amethyst Slices and Slabs - EXTREMELY RARE!

Siberian Amethyst Slices and Slabs - EXTREMELY RARE!

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Siberian Amethyst Slabs, are not from South America !!!

Siberian Amethyst, as the name implies is from the far corners of Siberia not SOuth America! It is noted for its extremely deep color.

These crystal formations can be found in many different parts of the world. Some of these regions produce amethysts with a distinct color style. For example, amethyst stones found in Uruguay tend to have a deep purplish-blue color. Arizona amethysts tend to look very similar to those found in Uruguay. However, amethysts found in Russia, which are also called Siberian amethysts, are deeply colored with red and blue tints. Siberian amethysts are rare, so they tend to be very expensive. African amethysts are known for their dark purple appearance.

Since amethysts are quartz, they can be mixed with other types of quartz to produce a unique stone. When amethyst mixes with milky quartz, which is also called clear quartz, it will be purple on top and either white or clear on the bottom. You might also find these stones, called amethyst quartz, with a banded purple and white appearance. These stones are generally turned into beads.

These slabs where cut from a large deposit.. These are EXTREMELY RARE as we've only been able to produce 4 slabs to date!!